Francis Weyzig

Taxation and development


Academic articles

Gunn, A., Koch, D.-J. & Weyzig, F. (2019). A Methodology to Appraise the Quality of Case Studies in Corporate Tax Avoidance. Special Working Paper Series on ‘Unintended Effects of International Cooperation’, No. 2019/14. Download this paper

Weyzig, F. (2014). The capital structure of large firms and the use of Dutch financing entities. Fiscal Studies, 35(2), 139-164. Link to journal page

Weyzig, F. (2013). Tax treaty shopping: Structural determinants of Foreign Direct Investment routed through the Netherlands. International Tax and Public Finance, 20(6), 910-937. Download this article

Weyzig, F. (2009). Political and economic arguments for Corporate Social Responsibility: Analysis and a proposition regarding the CSR agenda. Journal of Business Ethics, 86(4): 417-428. Link to journal page

Weyzig, F., & Van Dijk, M. (2009). Incoherence between Tax and Development Policies: The Case of the Netherlands. Third World Quarterly, 30(7): 1259-1277. Link to journal page

Weyzig, F. (2007). Corporate Social Responsibility in Mexico: How changes in the behaviour of multinational enterprises contribute to economic development. Accountancy Business and the Public Interest, 6(1): 1-157. Download this article

Weyzig, F. (2006). Local and Global Dimensions of Corporate Social Responsibility in Mexico. Journal of Corporate Citizenship, 24 (Winter 2006): 69-81. Link to journal page 

Book chapters

Weyzig, F. (2014). Een nieuwe fase in financiering voor ontwikkeling [A new phase in financing for development]. In S. Verwer, L. Schulpen & R. Ruben (Eds.), Hoe nu verder? 65 jaar Nederlandse ontwikkelingssamenwerking [What way forward? 65 year Dutch development cooperation] (pp. 365-377). Arnhem: LM Publishers. Link to book page / Read book online

Slob, B., & Weyzig, F. (2010). Corporate Lobbying and Corporate Social Responsibility: Aligning Contradictory Agendas. In J. C. Marques & P. Utting (Eds.), Business, Politics and Public Policy: Implications for Inclusive Development (pp. 160-183). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Link to book page

Weyzig, F. (2009). Business and Development in the Netherlands in 2007. In P. Hoebink (Ed.), The Netherlands Yearbook on International Cooperation 2008 (pp. 221-231).  Assen: Van Gorcum. Link to book page 

Selection of reports and briefing papers

Weyzig, F., & Ruíz Rodríguez, S. (2019). Response to the OECD public consultation on the global anti-base erosion proposal. Download this document

Langerock, L., Parrinello, Q., Weyzig, F., & Ruíz Rodríguez, S. (2019). In support of a comprehensive tax reform to stop corporate tax dodging and limit tax competition. Oxfam policy note. Download this policy note

Berkhout, E. & Weyzig, F. (2019). Belastinglek Nederland. Den Haag: Oxfam Novib. Download this report

Weyzig, F., Langerock, J., & Ruiz Rodriguez, S. (2019). Response to the OECD public consultation on addressing the tax challenges of the digitalisation of the economy. Download this document

Weyzig, F. (2015). Still broken: Governments must do more to fix the international corporate tax system. Oxford: TJN & Oxfam International. Download this briefing paper

Kosters, L, Kool, C., Weyzig, F., & Groenewegen, J. (2015). IBFD spillover analysis: Possible effects of the Irish tax system on developing economies. Dublin: Department of Finance. Download this study

Weyzig, F., Kuepper, B., Van Gelder, J.W., & Van Tilburg, R. (2014). The Price of Doing Too Little Too Late: The impact of the carbon bubble on the EU financial system. Brussels: Green European Foundation. Download this study

Weyzig, F. (2013). Evaluation issues in financing for development: Analysing effects of Dutch corporate tax policy on developing countries. IOB Study No. 386. The Hague: Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Download this study

Van Tilburg, R., & Weyzig, F. (2013). Achtergrondnotitie bij de inbreng voor de Commissie Structuur Nederlandse Banken van leden van het Sustainable Finance Lab. Utrecht: Sustainable Finance Lab. Download this paper

Weyzig, F. (2008). Nederlandse belastingfaciliteiten voor concernfinanciering: Gebruik van het CFA-regime en consequenties voor nieuwe wetgeving. Amsterdam: SOMO. Download this report

Kokke, M., & Weyzig, F. (2008). Taxation and Financing for Development. Amsterdam: SOMO. Download this report 

Booijink, L., & Weyzig, F. (2007). Identifying tax havens and offshore finance centres. Tax Justice Network briefing paper. Download this briefing paper

Weyzig, F., & Van Dijk, M. (2007). Tax haven and development partner: Incoherence in Dutch government policies? Amsterdam: SOMO. Download this report

Van Dijk, M., & Weyzig, F. (2007). The global problem of tax havens: The case of the Netherlands. SOMO tax briefing paper. Download this briefing paper

Van Dijk, M., Weyzig, F., & Murphy, R. (2006). The Netherlands: A Tax Haven? Amsterdam: SOMO. Download this report 

Book review

Weyzig, F. (2012). Book review of: M. Lang, P. Pistone, J. Schuch, C. Staringer, A. Storck, & M. Zagler (Eds.) (2010). Tax Treaties: Building Bridges between Law and Economics. Vienna: IBFD. Tax justice Focus, 7(2), 13-14. Download this book review