Francis Weyzig

Taxation and development


Academic articles

Gunn, A., Koch, D.-J. & Weyzig, F. (2020). A Methodology to measure the quality of tax avoidance case studies: Findings from the Netherlands. Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation, 39(June 2020). Download this article

Weyzig, F. (2014). The capital structure of large firms and the use of Dutch financing entities. Fiscal Studies, 35(2), 139-164. Link to journal page

Weyzig, F. (2013). Tax treaty shopping: Structural determinants of Foreign Direct Investment routed through the Netherlands. International Tax and Public Finance, 20(6), 910-937. Download this article

Weyzig, F. (2009). Political and economic arguments for Corporate Social Responsibility: Analysis and a proposition regarding the CSR agenda. Journal of Business Ethics, 86(4): 417-428. Link to journal page

Weyzig, F., & Van Dijk, M. (2009). Incoherence between Tax and Development Policies: The Case of the Netherlands. Third World Quarterly, 30(7): 1259-1277. Link to journal page

Weyzig, F. (2007). Corporate Social Responsibility in Mexico: How changes in the behaviour of multinational enterprises contribute to economic development. Accountancy Business and the Public Interest, 6(1): 1-157. Download this article

Weyzig, F. (2006). Local and Global Dimensions of Corporate Social Responsibility in Mexico. Journal of Corporate Citizenship, 24 (Winter 2006): 69-81. Link to journal page 

Book chapters

Weyzig, F. (2014). Een nieuwe fase in financiering voor ontwikkeling [A new phase in financing for development]. In S. Verwer, L. Schulpen & R. Ruben (Eds.), Hoe nu verder? 65 jaar Nederlandse ontwikkelingssamenwerking [What way forward? 65 year Dutch development cooperation] (pp. 365-377). Arnhem: LM Publishers. Link to book page / Read book online

Slob, B., & Weyzig, F. (2010). Corporate Lobbying and Corporate Social Responsibility: Aligning Contradictory Agendas. In J. C. Marques & P. Utting (Eds.), Business, Politics and Public Policy: Implications for Inclusive Development (pp. 160-183). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Link to book page

Weyzig, F. (2009). Business and Development in the Netherlands in 2007. In P. Hoebink (Ed.), The Netherlands Yearbook on International Cooperation 2008 (pp. 221-231).  Assen: Van Gorcum. Link to book page 

Selection of reports and briefing papers

Weyzig, F., & Ruíz Rodríguez, S. (2019). Response to the OECD public consultation on the global anti-base erosion proposal. Download this document

Langerock, L., Parrinello, Q., Weyzig, F., & Ruíz Rodríguez, S. (2019). In support of a comprehensive tax reform to stop corporate tax dodging and limit tax competition. Oxfam policy note. Download this policy note

Berkhout, E. & Weyzig, F. (2019). Belastinglek Nederland. Den Haag: Oxfam Novib. Download this report

Weyzig, F., Langerock, J., & Ruiz Rodriguez, S. (2019). Response to the OECD public consultation on addressing the tax challenges of the digitalisation of the economy. Download this document

Weyzig, F. (2015). Still broken: Governments must do more to fix the international corporate tax system. Oxford: TJN & Oxfam International. Download this briefing paper

Kosters, L, Kool, C., Weyzig, F., & Groenewegen, J. (2015). IBFD spillover analysis: Possible effects of the Irish tax system on developing economies. Dublin: Department of Finance. Download this study

Weyzig, F., Kuepper, B., Van Gelder, J.W., & Van Tilburg, R. (2014). The Price of Doing Too Little Too Late: The impact of the carbon bubble on the EU financial system. Brussels: Green European Foundation. Download this study

Weyzig, F. (2013). Evaluation issues in financing for development: Analysing effects of Dutch corporate tax policy on developing countries. IOB Study No. 386. The Hague: Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Download this study

Van Tilburg, R., & Weyzig, F. (2013). Achtergrondnotitie bij de inbreng voor de Commissie Structuur Nederlandse Banken van leden van het Sustainable Finance Lab. Utrecht: Sustainable Finance Lab. Download this paper

Weyzig, F. (2008). Nederlandse belastingfaciliteiten voor concernfinanciering: Gebruik van het CFA-regime en consequenties voor nieuwe wetgeving. Amsterdam: SOMO. Download this report

Kokke, M., & Weyzig, F. (2008). Taxation and Financing for Development. Amsterdam: SOMO. Download this report 

Booijink, L., & Weyzig, F. (2007). Identifying tax havens and offshore finance centres. Tax Justice Network briefing paper. Download this briefing paper

Weyzig, F., & Van Dijk, M. (2007). Tax haven and development partner: Incoherence in Dutch government policies? Amsterdam: SOMO. Download this report

Van Dijk, M., & Weyzig, F. (2007). The global problem of tax havens: The case of the Netherlands. SOMO tax briefing paper. Download this briefing paper

Van Dijk, M., Weyzig, F., & Murphy, R. (2006). The Netherlands: A Tax Haven? Amsterdam: SOMO. Download this report 

Book review

Weyzig, F. (2012). Book review of: M. Lang, P. Pistone, J. Schuch, C. Staringer, A. Storck, & M. Zagler (Eds.) (2010). Tax Treaties: Building Bridges between Law and Economics. Vienna: IBFD. Tax justice Focus, 7(2), 13-14. Download this book review